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Winning Design now a reality in Suzhou

By canadawood_admin

President, Canada Wood Group

May 4, 2015

design-awardsThe Winning Design of 2014 Timber Structure Architectural Design Course named “Dragon Bench” was made into a real structure and is now sited at the entrance of Suzhou (Jinfeng) Urban Design Industry Park, right in front of a government office building.

The construction of “Dragon Bench” took 2 and half days to finish, with the help from a construction expert from Canada Wood and two construction workers from a local wood frame construction builder – Crown Homes. Students and two professors who attended this design course also joined the construction team.

School of Civil Engineering of South East University supported engineering design of the “Dragon Bench”. Students of School of Architecture of South East University who took the course developed all the construction drawings. Dimension lumber 2×4 was used as the only structural material for this project. No single nail or metal connector was allowed during the design and construction, which required students to have a better knowledge and understanding of the timber material they were working on.

This Timber Structure Architecture Design studio course provides Chinese students a full scope of and tremendous learning experience about timber structure, including timber materials, architectural design, engineering design, construction drawing development, material processing process, and all the way to construction. It is also rewarding to every Chinese student and professor involved to see something is physically built out of his or her efforts and hard work.

2014 Timber Structure Architectural Design course is part of Canada Wood’s University Education program. For the second consecutive year, Canada Wood has supported an ambitious and highly productive summer intensive architectural studio in wood design for Chinese architecture students. This studio, titled “Timber Structure Assemblages”, focused on joinery and the use of digital tools in wood construction and was run as a collaboration between students and professors from the School of Architecture at Southeast University in Nanjing and the School of Architecture & Landscape Architecture at the University of British Columbia.