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Wood Frame Design, Selected in Naepo Natural Playground Design Competition

Tai Jeong

By Tai Jeong

Country Director, Canada Wood Korea

June 5, 2019

Canada Wood Korea(CWK) Training program alumni Mr. Wang, chief architect of Sosol Architects has recently announced the winner of ‘Naepo Natural Playground Design Competition’ and he will be leading the master plan of the Naepo Natural Playground project. His winning master plan would include multiple buildings constructed from light wood frame and heavy timber structure.

More than just an important ingredient of sustainability, wood’s naturally warm looking and tactile properties appeals to children, which is the main reason Mr. Wang chose to use wood.

Naepo New Town is located in the city of Hongseong, 120km away from Seoul. Targeting to complete it by 2021, this project will be constructed on the 13,223sqm site and have the total floor area of 3,972sqm. A total of 20 million dollars will be put in by the local government.

The various facilities such as a tree house, a wood bridge, a creative studio for woodcraft and pottery, children’s library, etc. will be used to cultivate the character of children and foster creative talent. The facilities expect over 100,000 users/visitors every year.

CWK is going to work closely with Sosol Architects and the local government to provide various technical support to ensure the successful completion of this project.