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Wood Infill Wall becomes commercialized in Korea

By canadawood_admin

President, Canada Wood Group

April 27, 2012

Glulam post & beam on top of the ground floor concrete structure

Mr. Hyun Wook Lee of Kwang Jang Architects is well known architect who introduced wood frame duplex homes in Korea for the first time under the name of ‘Peanut House’. He has brought and developed this idea since 2009 when he participated in the developer mission to Canada organized by CWK. Last year Kwang Jang Architects designed more than one hundred‘Peanut Houses’. Recently, this firm is involved with a commercial & office building design using wood an infill wall system and completed a 3 storey multi-cultural building. Total

Wood infill wall and floor between Glulam post & beam

building area is 360m². The ground floor is made of concrete and 2nd storey Glulam post and beam structure is anchored to the ground floor concrete structure. Then walls and floors between the post and beam are filled with SPF Dimension lumber with OSB sheathing. “I explained the benefits from applying wood structure to the building owner, and he finally agreed to design and build the hybrid structure”, “Because I know wood has great potential in several aspects as a building material I will continue trying to use wood on my future projects as much as I can.” Mr. Lee insists.