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Wood Infill-wall Design Proposal Won the Design Contest for Sokcho Government Employee Training Center

Jae Choi

By Jae Choi

Technical Consultant/ Canada Wood Korea

July 5, 2019

SOLTO Jibin Architects won the design contest for the remodeling and expansion of Sokcho Government Employee Training Centre building operated by Seoul City government.

The building has a total area of 10,333 square metre floor space that covers 4 storey above the ground and 2 storey basement.

The main structure will be steel and reinforced concrete while all the remaining non-load bearing walls will be built with light wood frame infill-wall system. SOLTO Jibin’s official explains the entire structure: “It is filled with rooms made up of light wood infill-wall panels between the super columns and trusses, and between the long horizontal boards lifted lightly by the frame.” The reason for applying the Wood infill- wall system is that “it not only reduces the load on the structure but also reduces the carbon build-up resulting in eco-friendly performance and impressions.”

Eco-friendliness and lightweight structure are the key considerations in the design of the building. The wood infill-wall system not only meets the two requirements but also offers several advantages such as fast construction and higher thermal performance.