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Boat Shaped Resort Attracts Attention

Leonard Mao

By Leonard Mao

Business Development Director

October 2, 2018

Canada Wood China held a seminar focusing on wood-frame villas in resort sector in Dongyang, Zhejiang Province on September 11.

The seminar attracted nearly a hundred participants including professionals from the industry, investors, and designers. Architect Chen Xiawei shared a case study of “Wonderland Resort Hangzhou”, a wooden boat-shaped resort in Zhejiang Province. The case study received enthusiastic feedback from the attendees. People were touched by the elegant architectural appearance which can blends into the natural landscape. Wood is the perfect solution for such resort in natural scene. Attendees were inspired by various building possibilities of wood construction. For example, the boat shaped resort is popular in middle-class/ family travelers. It gives consumers a distinctive living experience in a unique building type while travelling. “The Hangzhou Wood Resort keeps high occupancy rate in a year although the price is not cheap.” said Architect Chen.

After the half-day seminar, we lead the participants to tour around a wood resort project in the meeting place – Dongyang Phoenix Hotel. The combination of the morning seminar in conjunction with the on-site tour gave participants a new found appreciation and suitability for using wood construction in resorts.