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Construction Companies Yearn for Skilled Trades

Canada Wood Team

By Canada Wood Team

February 28, 2013

Crown Homes has recognized the need for creating a training system to address the need of a shortage of labour within the wood frame industry.  They have put together a team to lead this initiative and they met with us (Canada Wood) to discuss ideas of how to move forward.   JP, and myself (Dan Drummond) discussed various options pertaining to their ideas as well as using the Canadian apprenticeship model to offer them another perspective.  Mr. Zhu (Training Center Manager, Crown Homes) was intrigued by the Canadian model, as Crown’s plan closely modelled this idea.

We plan to meet again with Crown and Mr. Zhu to let them know we are going to work closely with them to develop a training package in order to help develop, arguably the largest builder in China, to be more self sufficient in its quality control program as well, we hope to use Crown Homes influence within the Alliance to create a program to use as a model to achieve recognized certification in China.