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“Wood Walls in Concrete Construction” Welcomed by City Officials

Leonard Mao

By Leonard Mao

Business Development Director

June 3, 2015

The 4rd China (Shenyang) International Modern Architecture Exhibition – May 15-17

Canada Wood attended the 4rd China (ShenYang) International Modern Architecture Exhibition, which is a professional trade show for construction industrialization development, giving full play to the leading role of national construction industry modernized demonstration cities. An 18㎡ booth gave CW a place to show how wood infill walls can be applied in hybrid buildings.

The show’s focus was on how to modernize construction, make it more energy efficient & environmental friendly. The wood infill concept was very well received by Shenyang’s Ministry of Construction and they expressed considerable interest in partnering on some commercial trials in new six storey concrete construction.

Dalian Quacent booth

Compared with tradition method of infill in concrete buildings, wood infill has advantages as follows:

  • Better insulation and sound transfer;
  • Better fire rating performance;
  • Prefab manufacture faster re on the site work and high construction ratio;
  • Easier pipe work;
  • Simple detail and easy to install;
  • Efficient and low cost.

Alliance members Dalian Quacent wood house Co., Ltd., Yingkou Xiaoyu wood house Co., Ltd., Wood Construction Product Co., Ltd., Lvyuan, Woodplus, Graf Brothers China Office also attended the trade show with their best services and technology.