Wooden Art Installation Erected at 2022 Canada-Korea Wood Festival

By: Tai Jeong

Country Director, Canada Wood Korea

To celebrate the 2022 Canada-Korea Wood Festival, Canada Wood Korea, in collaboration with the Department of Architecture Design and Engineering of Kyungdong University, created a wood art installation constructed with Canadian SPF lumber at the cultural complex in Insadong Seoul.

The installation symbolizes the maple leaf and the word Canada, while a touch of biophilic warmth is sensed when walking into the space. The arrangement of dimensional lumber creates an interesting blocking in English letters coupled with the smell of wooden aroma. 

The Canada-Korea Wood Festival is an annual event that we organize along with various academic institutions to promote wood as a building material, the wood frame construction system and the benefits of using wood in addition to providing participants with hands-on practical training in the design and construction of wood frame structures.

This year, a total of 62 students were involved in this art installation project. The installation was later donated to Insadong KOTE, a collaborative artistic and cultural space in the heart of Seoul.