Work Progressing on Innovative Hybrid Truss Joint Tests

As part of our R&D work aimed at developing wooden building solutions for large-span commercial structures, Canada Wood has been busy conducting joint tests on innovative hybrid trusses at the Ehime forestry center this past October and November. We conducted a total of 168 tests with the test consisting of a variety of dimension lumber sizes from 2×4 through to 2×12. These joint test specimens were modelled for the truss configurations. We made connection models which replicate the number of screws, application of loads, and the direction of loads. The test results were used to optimize truss designs. According to the test reports, the shear strength of each configuration lived up to all expectations.

As the next step, we will conduct full-scale bending tests this fiscal year. In regard to the test specimens of full-scale bending tests, there are three different designs, and each respectively has different strengths, aesthetics, and span characteristics. Two trusses are engineered for spans of up to 20 meters and one truss is designed to span up to 10 meters, but due to test facilities limits, tests will be conducted with 10m spans. The test specimens of trusses were designed in the December of 2021 and will be fabricated in the January of 2022. And then tests will be conducted in the February of 2022, and the test reports will be ready in the March of 2022. These new trusses will open the door for Canadian lumber use in a broad array of Japanese roof assembly applications.

Innovative truss design developed by Canada Wood Japan