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World’s Largest Construction Company Publicly Endorses Wood

Jason Li

By Jason Li

Project manager, Canada Wood Beijing

May 29, 2017

The largest construction company in the world, The China Construction Group (CCG) has used light wood frame construction in the past. However, up until now, the mammoth corporation has remained relatively quiet about the new-in-China technology. However, on April 20, 2017 the silence was broken as CCG reached out to the China Civil Engineer Society (CCES) and organized a promotional event that saw three hundred and twenty professionals visit the Tianjin BSD-TEDA eco-city project, the highest profile wood-frame project in China.

Canada Wood China’s Steve Ross was on hand to introduce the wood-frame system with the aid of a number of construction mock-ups showcasing wall, floor and truss systems. The flavor of the day was cost effective, prefab-able, green technology! At the conclusion of the event, several construction professionals voiced their appreciation for the event as well as the desire to visit additional wood projects throughout China.

Three hundred and twenty construction professionals gather learn about wood-frame technology.