Yellow cedar creates an attractive aesthetic in a new espresso bar in India

By: Pranesh Chhibber

Country Director at Forestry Innovation Investment INDIA

India has had a long history designing with wood which dates back centuries. The preference of wood continues to be prevalent today. However, in an endeavor to modernize appearances, interior designers and architects have been shifting towards using softwood species in their designs. In addition, specifiers are looking for certified and sustainable materials for their projects, creating a shift from traditionally used hardwood species which are currently more difficult to source.

FII India recently worked with local designer and developer, Park Hospitality and Ventures, to incorporate yellow cedar into the interior finishings of a coffee shop project in Jaipur. The project – Town Coffee Gourmet Espresso Bar – showcases yellow cedar within a variety of interior applications, including furniture, window frames and panelling, as well as doors and door frames.

When conceptualizing the project, the designer was looking for wood with a light and smooth finish that would compliment the dark interior walls of the shop. He was introduced to a variety of B.C. species when visiting the showroom of local stockist, Tambi Timbers, where FII India provided a technical overview of the available products. After consulting with FII, yellow cedar was chosen for the project for its durability and aesthetic properties.

The outcome of the project was very positive – Park Hospitality was pleased with the performance and appearance of the yellow cedar and is looking to incorporate it into future projects.  

The use of yellow cedar within Town Coffee Gourmet Espresso Bar serves as an excellent showcase for B.C. species within in India’s hospitality segment and has proved to form important inroads with local developers who are eager to incorporate B.C. species into future projects.