Canada Wood brings Canadian wood products and technology to the world.

Canada Wood brings Canadian wood products and technology to the world.

About Us – Canada Wood Overview

The Canada Wood Group helps Canadian wood products manufacturers diversify and expand export opportunities for their products in traditional and emerging overseas markets, including Europe, Japan, China, South Korea and India.

The Canada Wood Group’s two main focuses are:

1. Market Access

Broadening technical support to address market access and regulatory issues in offshore markets that limit trade of Canadian forest products. These activities include developing technical information pertaining to international product standards and building code regulations for the recognition of Canada’s wood products and wood-frame building systems; addressing phytosanitary issues; providing technical support and training; and developing information supporting and promoting the environmental reputation of Canada’s sustainable forest management practices and policies.

2. Market Development

Increasing wood product knowledge of consumers, builders, architects and so on in international markets through market development projects (e.g., educational and promotional missions, trade fairs, market opportunity studies, seminars, wood demonstration projects and related activities, generic promotional brochures, technical literature).