• Second-largest export market for Canadian wood (after the United States).
  • Home to 20+ completed wood demonstration projects since CWG’s program inception.


  • An important, high-value export destination for top-grade Canadian softwoods.
  • Japan is Canada’s second-largest offshore market for forest products.

South Korea

  • South Korea is Canada’s fifth-largest wood-product market.
  • 98% of B.C. lumber shipped to Korea is high-grade, for construction use.

32.3 mil. ft2

estimated annual wood construction starts


wood projects converted

towards the use of Canadian wood, representing a total area of 2.47 million ft2 since 2018


codes, standards and policies

influenced and supported since the launch of Canada Wood program


wood demo projects completed

since the inception of Canada Wood program

3 million

2×4 houses built as of March 2020

Market share has increased by 480% since the inception of Canada Wood program


2×4 wooden social, elder-care and medical facilities influenced


ministerial approvals

acquired from Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transportation (MLIT) for wood construction


2×4 fireproof wood projects

built using MLIT joint ministerial approvals acquired through Canada Wood Japan technical programs


2×4 houses built from 2006 to August 2020


of single-family home market is 2×4 construction, up from 2% in 2001


Super-E® certified projects completed


Five-star certified 2×4 houses built

meeting the highest building quality standard in Korea

Canada Wood Group is a non-profit organization promoting the use of Canadian wood products in the construction and wood-in-manufacturing sectors. Our programs, supported by government and industry funding, demonstrate the benefits of innovating with wood to build foundations for market growth in China, Japan South Korea, and Europe.

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July, 2024 Japan

Japan Wood Truss Council Turns Twenty-Three

The Japan Wood Truss Council (JWTC) held its 23rd annual general meeting and reception on June 24th, 2024, at the…

July, 2024 Japan

Outstanding Seismic Performance of 2×4 Homes in Noto Peninsula Earthquake

On January 1st, 2024 a magnitude 7.6 earthquake struck the Noto Peninsula in Ishikawa Prefecture. According to…

July, 2024 Japan

Right Product for the Right Place: Canada Tsuga Used in 8-Storey Wooden Office Building

The Canada Wood Tokyo office recently visited the newly completed 8-storey headquarters of the AQ Group in Saitama…

Case Studies

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Case Studies

Canada Wood Impact Report for 2022: Pioneering Innovative Low Carbon Construction Solutions

Case Studies

Canada Wood Impact Report for 2021: Build Resilience Through Market Diversification

Case Studies

Glulam Certification: Quality Matters: Support Quality Assurance for Glulam Products in China Market

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Jiashan Enterprise Service Center

Project Overview Nestled in the southeastern quadrant of Xitang Ancient Town, Jiashan County, stands a two-story wooden exhibition and conference center. This center boasts large and medium-sized meeting rooms, reception areas, an exhibition hall, a parking lot, and outdoor activity spaces, accommodating up to 500 individuals simultaneously. Designed with the concept of the “floating leaf,” […]

Nantong Self-Built Rural House Demo

In the past few decades of China’s rapid development, the housing sector has undergone significant changes. Rural housing, in particular, has gained immense importance in China’s housing development landscape. Factors such as shifts in the housing market, demographic changes, and transitions between rural and urban populations have greatly influenced strategies for rural development, including housing […]

Tokyo University of the Arts International Exchange Centre

Introduction Canada Wood Japan leads a groundbreaking initiative to incorporate nail-laminated timber (NLT) technology into the International Exchange Centre building at Tokyo University of the Arts. This innovative project, situated within the university’s Ueno Campus, highlights the versatile, sustainable, and cost-effective nature of NLT within hybrid steel and wood frame structures. Project Overview The project, […]

The National Sliding Centre at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games

The National Sliding Center is located at the southern foot of Xiaohaituo Mountain in the Yanqing District of Beijing. Designed by Li Xinggang, the Chief Designer of the Beijing National Stadium, the project featured a red cedar roof that covered 1974 meters, with 16 curves that had different angles and slopes. The track included a […]

wood infill wall

ZYF Construction Group Headquarters

The new headquarters for the Zhongyifeng (ZYF) Construction Group was developed in partnership with ZYF, Shanghai Electric Matechstone (MTS) and Canada Wood China. To transform and upgrade its business model supporting Chinese prefabrication policies, ZYF was seeking new technologies and new products to feature as a case study for their new head office building. They […]

Xi’an Skytrain station

The Olympic Sports Central Axis Ecological Park, located on the Olympic Sports Avenue in Baqiao District, Xi’an, is an important supporting project for China’s 14th National Games. As a key component of the Park project, the Skytrain station is divided into east and west sides symmetrically arranged on top of the flyover with Metro Line […]

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Canada, the world’s leader in sustainable forest management Forests are an essential part of the solution to many global challenges. They mitigate the effects of climate change, provide renewable wood products and energy, and contribute to a greener economy. Covering 347 million hectares, Canada’s forests comprise nearly 9% of the world’s total forested land, and Canada is the international leader in forest certification. Canada’s forestry management practices are held in high regard by international customers and scientists alike, and Canada is known around the world as a trusted source of legally sourced and sustainably harvested forest products. More info

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Meet Our Members APA Wood BC Wood COFI FPAC MLB Quebec Wood Export Real Cedar
Meet Our Members APA Wood BC Wood COFI FPAC MLB Quebec Wood Export Real Cedar
Meet Our Members APA Wood BC Wood COFI FPAC MLB Quebec Wood Export Real Cedar