B.C. species used in furniture trials with high-end Vietnamese design firm

By: Zoish Bengali

Director, FII

As Vietnam’s wood in manufacturing sector has seen incredible growth over the last few years, Forestry Innovation Investment (FII) continues to focus on opportunities for B.C. forest products within this market. As part of product trial strategies aimed at showcasing innovative furniture pieces made from B.C. softwoods, the FII Vietnam team has begun working with a leading local design group – Minh Chuong – that specializes in custom joinery and furniture pieces for retail, restaurant, resort, marine and high-end office projects.

Together, Minh Chuong and FII Vietnam developed three aesthetically pleasing and ergonomically designed rocking chairs made from western hemlock, western red cedar and yellow cedar.

The success of the trial was partly due to the favourable properties of western hemlock. The Minh Chuong production and design teams were pleased to learn that hemlock has a similar grain pattern and colour to white oak. The density and relative weight of the species when compared to that of other softwoods was also a significant advantage. In addition, while western hemlock’s finishing properties were seen as ideal for interior manufacturing applications, the resistance to termites and decay provided by western red cedar and yellow cedar was of special interest to this company, as it will provide them with further raw material options for future outdoor applications.

The success of this initial trial has led to FII Vietnam continuing to work with Minh Chuong on future projects, presenting more opportunities to showcase Canadian softwoods in a range of furniture and interior applications.  

For more information on FII’s strategic approach, priorities and activities within the Vietnam market, please visit https://www.bcfii.ca/our-key-markets/vietnam/.