B.C. Wood Elevates Nativ Restaurant’s Design in Pune

By: Pranesh Chhibber

Country Director at Forestry Innovation Investment INDIA

Concept by SOWE showcases the impact of B.C. wood in the recent transformation of Pune-based Restaurant.

Nativ Restaurant, located in Pune’s vibrant suburb of Baner, recently underwent a remarkable transformation thanks to the vision and expertise of architects Shamna and Wojciech Stranc from international multi-disciplinary design studio, Concept by SOWE (Spaces and Objects We Experience). This project showcases the seamless integration of architecture, interior design, product design, and landscape design, resulting in a captivating dining experience—with B.C. wood products playing a significant role in elevating the restaurant’s ambiance and aesthetic appeal.

Founded in 2019, Concept by SOWE is known for its cross-disciplinary thinking and commitment to creating exceptional spaces. The couple behind the studio, Shamna and Wojciech Stranc, brought their passion for art and exploration to the project, infusing the design with timeless quality.

Choosing the right materials was crucial in bringing the architects’ vision to life, and sustainably harvested B.C. wood products emerged as the natural choice. Having previously worked with Canadian species in smaller-scale projects, Shamna and Wojciech were familiar with its durability, sustainability, and aesthetic appeal. The design team collaborated closely with FII India, benefiting from their expertise and advice on different species and their applications.

Douglas-fir was selected for various applications throughout the restaurant, including interior fit outs, dining tables, chairs, and a staircase. The warm and inviting ambiance created by these solid wood elements added a touch of sophistication to the space, elevating the dining experience for patrons.

The outcome of the project exceeded expectations, with the furniture’s design and manufacturing quality garnering high praise. The client was thoroughly pleased with the result, which seamlessly blended creativity, innovation, and meticulous craftsmanship. The extensive use of Douglas-fir not only showcased its durability but also highlighted its contribution to sustainable design practices. The project demonstrates the advantages of biophilic design, with the use of natural materials and plant features for an environment that feels healthy, relaxing, and creative.

The Nativ Restauarant is a showcase of the innovative design and possibilities with wood products sourced from sustainably managed forests of B.C. The project also exemplifies the timeless beauty of wood in architectural and interior design. Nativ Restaurant stands as a testament to the remarkable impact that wood can have on a space, setting the stage for future collaborations and design innovations.