B.C. wood provides solutions for new hotel in Lucknow

By: Pranesh Chhibber

Country Director at Forestry Innovation Investment INDIA

The Centrum Hotel in Lucknow, India, is a blend of modern elegance and local culture, distinguishing itself through the use of sustainable yellow and western red cedar from British Columbia (B.C.)

Yellow Cedar Wall Panelling

The Centrum Hotel is a lifestyle venture by Anahita Hospitality LLP. The hotel’s architectural design combines modern elegance with a deep respect for local culture and history. The project demonstrates a dedication to environmental responsibility through the use of wood sourced from B.C.’s sustainably managed forests for both interior and exterior applications. Yellow and western red cedar enhance the hotel’s warmth, creating an inviting aesthetic.

Yellow Cedar pillar cladding and Wall Panelling
Yellow Cedar Soffit and ceiling

While researching wood species for both interior and exterior applications in the hotel, Anahita Hospitality faced challenges related to climatic conditions, such as dry, hot summers. Wood from British Columbia emerged as a promising solution, leading to the company to reach out to FII India for guidance. FII India provided comprehensive advice and insights into various B.C. wood species and their potential uses.

After thorough research, yellow cedar was selected for ceiling louvers, wall cladding, and wall paneling, and western red cedar was selected for outdoor seating areas. Both species offered a range of advantageous properties for the project. Like all Canadian wood, they are sustainably sourced, customarily accompanied by certification ensuring responsible forestry practices. Yellow cedar and western red cedar both offer strength, great staining properties and are naturally termite resistant. Since most of the applications were outdoor cladding and ceilings, it was important to consider a wood which offers exceptional long-term durability, as it will be exposed to extreme heat and other environmental elements.

Bar Area Ceiling Louvers in Yellow Cedar
Yellow cedar ceiling at arrival area

The Centrum Hotel project benefited from robust support from the FII India team, who helped source product and established connections with local suppliers. They provided guidance on proper handling, installation, and finishing to ensure that they perform well and suit the project requirements.

The successful completion of the Centrum Hotel carries potential for numerous future opportunities and significant commercial outcomes. The hotel’s prestigious selection as the venue for hosting the G20 Summit in India serves as an indicator of success and capabilities of B.C. wood in India’s hospitality sector. The collaboration between FII India with the project’s architects and developers opens the door to potential long-term partnerships and collaborations, introducing B.C. wood into future projects.