Canada Wood Design Lab Inspires New Uses for Dimension Lumber in Post & Beam Construction

As part of our online wood solutions web design tool, Canada Wood Japan partnered with Noriaki Yamada, a leading wooden structural engineer, to explore inventive applications of dimension lumber. This collaboration, known as “Design Lab – COFI,” has yielded a notable achievement: one of our pioneering design concepts has been successfully integrated into a new large-scale premium post and beam residence located in Achi Prefecture.

Covering an expansive 350m2, this residence showcases an innovative application of SPF dimension lumber-based beam assembly, specifically designed to create a spacious, open living room area. The ingenuity lies in the assembly of 2×10 SPF dimension lumber into beams, allowing the living room to span an impressive 8 meters in width and 18 meters in length. This achievement underscores our commitment to pushing the boundaries of design.

However, introducing a new structural concept posed challenges for the local Komuten builder, who was not familiar with assembling such beams. Canada Wood proactively addressed this challenge by connecting the builder with Shiga Wood, a prominent company specializing in 2×4 panel components in Japan. This strategic collaboration enabled the pre-fabrication of these complex beams, streamlining the construction process. The residence is on track for completion in October, a testament to effective collaboration and innovative thinking.

This project underscores the synergy between Canada Wood’s expertise, local structural specialists, dedicated builders, and wood processors. It exemplifies our commitment to redefining traditional applications of SPF dimension lumber, showcasing the potential of creative collaboration to drive new possibilities for wood usage. Through Design Lab – COFI, we’re bridging the gap between design concepts and practical implementation, revolutionizing the perception and application of wood in construction.

In essence, this achievement highlights how our innovative tools and collaborative approach continue to propel the wood industry forward, fostering inventive solutions and advancing the adoption of wood in imaginative and functional ways.