Cheongdam-dong Community Housing Demonstration Project starts construction

By: Tai Jeong

Country Director, Canada Wood Korea

With its abundance of designer shops, upscale cafes, galleries and artist workshops, Cheongdam-Dong* is a ward of Gangnam district in Seoul, also known as “South Korea’s Beverly Hills” for its exorbitant real-estate prices and wealthy residents. The Seoul Metropolitan Government is working to support local artists and culture by providing “community housing” to retain talent and stimulate job creation, housing and economic equality.

Gangnam district in Seoul | Photo: AdobeStock

To overcome the current housing challenge, the government encourages the participation of private and community players and provides financial support in taxation and through the national housing fund.

The Cheongdam-dong Community Housing demonstration project is a community space that supports creative arts and cultural activities for artists and content creators.  It was initiated by the government and is supported by Canada Wood Korea. The building site is located at Cheongdam-dong, 1.2km away from the COEX exhibition center.

The architectural outline is as below:

  • Lot Area: 224.90 m2
  • Building area: 134.17 m2
  • Occupancy: Mixed-use, Office/Retail + Dasaedae* Housing
  • Number of dwelling units in the building: 7 units
  • Structure: Concrete + Wood Infill Wall and nail laminated timber (NLT) hybrid
  • Building size: Total 6 levels (1 level under-ground and 5 levels above-ground with 7 residential units in the upper 4 levels)
  • Total Floor Area: 630.81 m2 (not including parking lots)

This demonstration project will incorporate the use of the wood infill wall system that offers higher energy efficiency, more indoor space, competitive construction cost and lower carbon footprint.

The building design adopts a hybrid configuration of concrete and wood, a popular construction method for small-scale redevelopments due to the minimum visual disturbance to the existing neighbourhood, thus reducing complaints and associated construction delays.

The Cheongdam-dong Community Housing demonstration project is planning to be completed in March 2022.

* Dasaedae Housing: A type of low-rise multi-dwelling housing allowed up to 4 storey and less than 660 m2 of total floor area per building.