Chinese National Trade Journal Promotes Wood Construction As Climate Solution

By: Nancy Xie

Director, Government Relations, FII China

In December 2021, the Journal of Construction Technology and Science (建设科技) published an article in partnership with the China Architecture Design and Research Institute, the Planning and Design Institute of Forest Products Industry of the National Forestry and Grasslands Administration (NFGA), and Canada Wood China (CW China) on the “Development of Chinese Modern Wood Structure Building Industry Chain Viewing from Prized Wood Structure Projects about Cultural-Tourism-Health-Care.” The article put on an emphasis on the implementation of the national “double carbon” strategy, where modern wood structures could give play to the “green” essence being low-carbon, energy-saving and prefabricated. The authors approved of modern wood construction as a new development opportunity that could become an important direction to promote the industrialization of prefabricated buildings.

The article was based on an analysis of modern wood structures that have been featured in the Wood Builder’s awards that have been organized by CW China, with four rounds organized in the years 2014, 2016, 2018 and 2020. The authors of the article recognized the value of the awards to promote the development of the modern wood construction industry in China, highlighting key elements of the selected projects such as the use of engineered wood materials, architectural design, structure, and decoration features.

Founded in 2002, the Journal of Construction Technology and Science is a key national academic journal for the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of the people’s Republic of China (MOHURD). It is included in the National Library, with articles that cover industry research, practical applications, component technologies, and international information.  

The analysis looked at how the number of submissions for each category of the awards changed over the years, as well as the regions across China the projects were based in, to determine market trends.

The article concluded some of the following points based on their research:

  1. Domestic modern wooden structures for cultural, tourism and health care industries mainly include vacation wooden houses, reception centers, clubhouses, exhibition centers, large venues and landscape supporting facilities.
  2. The quality of modern wood structure construction technology in China is improving. Hybrid wood structures have the technical advantages of meeting the needs of advanced architectural designs and cost reductions.
  3. Private real estate investment companies are currently the main builders for cultural, tourism and health care projects.
  4. The division of labour in the industrial chain of modern wood structure construction has gradually developed from a focus on wood manufacturers, towards more cooperation between design units and construction companies.
  5. The development of modern wood structure building industry chain has obvious regionality, which can be roughly divided into A) Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai areas with rich project types and mature technology; B) Sichuan and Chongqing areas with fierce industry competition; C) Henan, Anhui and Shanxi regions with rapid technological growth of local construction enterprises; D) Yunnan, Shaanxi, Qingning area where local construction enterprises need technical upgrading; and E) Beijing Tianjin Hebei and Northeast China where local design and construction enterprises are expanding their business.