CWK Signed MOU with Jinju City for The Tech Support On Community Center To Be Built with Nail-Laminated Timber

By: Tai Jeong

Country Director, Canada Wood Korea

On November 20, Canada Wood Korea (CWK) closed an MOU agreement with the Mayor of Jinju City. The agreement applied to the Community Center in Munsaneup, Jinju City using Nail-Laminated Timber products. Jinju City has been designated a ‘UNESCO Creative City with Crafts and Folk Art’  Jinju City and the City architect are trying to use wood as a building material in public buildings as much as possible. This Community Center will be the perfect example to optimize the city’s ‘Green Marketing’.

MOU agreement document between Canada Wood Korea and Jinju City

The NLT Community Center has been selected as a CWK’s Demo project in this fiscal year, and the construction is planned to start in mid-December of this year. Haustec Engineering is currently performing structural analysis on the NLT roof/wall structure and connection details.

Pre MOU meeting at CWK office with Jinju City

CWK’s role in this project is to provide technical support throughout the planning and construction of the NLT structure in order to demonstrate the durability, energy-efficiency and cost-saving benefits of the wood-frame NLT roof and partitions.

Jinju City NLT Community Center for citizens