Engaging India’s Building and Design Community at Index Fair 2023

By: Pranesh Chhibber

Country Director at Forestry Innovation Investment INDIA

FII India’s participation at Index Fair educates and inspires industry professionals on the benefits of using certified wood from B.C.’s sustainable forests.

Index Fair, known for its influential role in shaping trends and facilitating industry connections, provided the ideal setting for FII to engage with India’s specifier community. For over 30 years, the show has established itself as the country’s premier interior design exhibition, offering a platform for the design and building community to come together and exchange ideas.

Under the Canadian Wood brand, FII India left a lasting impression with a booth showcasing a wide range of interior and outdoor furniture using five B.C. species: western hemlock, Douglas-fir, yellow cedar, western red cedar and S-P-F. The space was a hub for architects, interior designers, builders, and manufacturers seeking to explore sustainable products. Through incorporating a diverse range of manufactured wood products, FII India’s exhibit space demonstrated the versatility and aesthetic appeal of B.C. wood.

In planning for the event, FII India collaborated with six local manufacturers to feature vignettes that showcased a wide range of finished wood products. Each manufacturer contributed unique pieces such as bedroom furniture, living room furniture, swing sets, glass doors, fire doors, bar cabinets, lounge chairs, island kitchens, dining tables, outdoor benches, and pergolas. All manufacturers used similar earthy and warm tones, which created an elegant aesthetic and a visually appealing experience for visitors.

With an increased global emphasis on sustainably-sourced products, literature and information within the showcase was informative about B.C.’s certified wood products and stringent forest management practices. Beyond the booth, FII India participated in a panel discussion, “Furniture for the Future.” The discussion emphasized the importance of sustainable materials in furniture design, providing attendees a comprehensive understanding of the latest trends and best practices.

The efforts invested by FII India resonated strongly with over 3,000 industry professionals visiting the booth over the course of three days. The quality of the furniture inspired visitors to explore the potential of B.C. wood in their own projects. One wall of the exhibit was devoted to featuring a wide range of staining and finishing options with B.C. wood, allowing attendees to envision how these finishes could enhance their own designs. Additionally, a lumber wall displaying the raw wood products provided visitors with a tangible representation of the wood’s natural beauty and characteristics. This glimpse into the raw material allowed specifiers to gain a clearer understanding of how it would look when incorporating the wood in projects.

As the demand for sustainable design solutions continues to grow, FII India remains at the forefront, offering support and expertise to decision makers across the building and design community on the use of B.C.’s sustainably-sourced wood products.