Exploring the Future of Sustainable Housing in China

By: Stephanie Zhang

Manager, Government Relations & Policy, Forestry Innovation Investment China

A prominent industry forum held on June 19th in Beijing highlights the growing importance of modern wood structures for sustainable and low-carbon residential projects.

Co-organized by the China Real Estate Association (CREA), the Joint Committee on Modern Wood & Bamboo Construction and Human Habitat, and FII China, the forum “Modern Wood and Bamboo Structure Buildings and Habitat Environment Creation” brought together industry experts and relevant authorities for the construction sector. This event focused on the use of forest products in construction and discussed innovative wood building solutions aimed at reducing embodied carbon and carbon emissions from new projects.

The forum was held as a part of the “20th China International Exposition of the Housing Industry & Products and Equipment for Building Industrialization,” one of the most significant annual events for China’s real estate industry. Organized by CREA, with the support of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development (MOHURD), the Expo plays an important role in promoting the development of the real estate industry, driving green building and sustainability with presentations and discussions on industry trends, innovative practices, and policy orientation. Participants included real estate industry associations, developers, design institutes, building material suppliers, research institutes, academics, and other relevant sectors across the construction industry.

The Vice President and Secretary General of the CREA, Chen Yiming, and the Secretary General of the Housing Environment Committee of the CREA, Zhu Caiqing, delivered opening remarks. They emphasized the importance of improving the quality of new housing projects using a people-centered approach that focuses on green habitats and sustainability.

Senior Manager, FII China, Qin Yike, hosting the forum
Vice President and Secretary General of the CREA, Chen Yiming
Secretary General of the Housing Environment Committee of the CREA, Zhu Caiqing

The session supported by FII China on wood structures featured five prominent academic and industry experts covering topics including high quality housing, green housing, lifecycle analysis of carbon emissions, modern wood frame construction, and best practices for wood construction worldwide. The benefits of modern wood construction in terms of lower carbon emissions and the synergy of using natural materials for more ecological urban planning were highlighted throughout the event, indicating that wood applications have become much more prominent throughout the real estate industry.

With more than 80 participants in the room, the session was an excellent platform to showcase the advantages of Canadian wood products for sustainable construction practices and innovative applications of timber as a low carbon building material. As the forum concluded, participants expressed their commitment to promote the development of green and low carbon construction to build a more sustainable future.