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First Session of the MOHURD Official Training Program a Success in Jiangsu!

Nancy Xie

By Nancy Xie

Director, Government Relations, FII China

December 4, 2019

A two-day training program with the theme of “Sino-Canadian Workshop on Technology of Prefabricated Building and Modern Wood-Frame Construction,” jointly organized by MOHURD, Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) and BCFII, recently took place in Suzhou City, Jiangsu province. 

The event highlighted WFC as an ideal solution in helping the Chinese government meet its green building and prefabrication targets, which is also in accordance with the country’s efforts to tackle climate change. Canadian WFC products and green solutions were well presented among government officials from central, provincial and municipal levels.

Nearly 70 government and SOE’s representatives from eight regions, including three special administrative cities and five major construction provinces, attended the training, namely the municipalities of Beijing, Shanghai, and Tianjin, as well as the Provinces of Hebei, Jilin, Hubei, Zhejiang, and Jiangsu. 

The event provided participants with a well-rounded and complementary set of content that covered WFC relevant topics like green building solutions, prefabrication innovations, building energy efficiency and codes and standards. Invited speakers and presenters are influential figures from the Government and SOE’s well respected in the construction industry. Some valuable practical experiences were also shared by in-market experts. FII China/CW China had the opportunity to deliver high-quality presentations relevant to Canadian WFC and its low carbon advantageous, Canada’s building, codes system and WFC energy efficiency analysis. 

The remarks and presentations were well-orchestrated content for both sides to conduct an exchange to understand each other’s objectives, progresses, and directions on green building and industrialization efforts, making the event a good platform to introduce WFC to a nation-wide base of Chinese policy makers who were previously less informed about this topic.

The program offered a good opportunity for FII China to reinforce cooperative efforts with MOHURD and its Centre of Science and Technology and Industrial Development, and work closely with the Jiangsu and Suzhou hosts, creating the first of its kind training program since the three-party MOU was signed.

Following the first day of presentations, the second day consisted of visits to local wood frame projects and production lines representative of Jiangsu’s WFC industrialization capacity in hybrid applications and prefabrication advancements. The site visits further generated first-hand insights among training attendees on WFC implementation and production innovations taking place in China.