Introducing the Maple Book Design Guide

Canada Wood published the Maple Book in the March of 2021. The Maple Book is a technical guidebook that explains how to use Canadian structural materials in line with the Gray book, the structural guidebook or the bible for Post & Beam construction. The book includes material properties, shear walls, horizontal diaphragms, and a voluntary evaluation and each of them is explained with attractive photos and illustrations. The book has visual power and will attract architects, structural engineers, and builders and encourage them to use Canadian structural materials. The book was compiled under the supervision of HOWTEC, Japan Housing & Wood Technology Center, and the same publisher of the Gray book. In other words, the book was authorized, and the contents were certified by Japan’s leading authority on Post and Beam structural design. The total number of pages of Maple Book is 80 pages. The book is designed to illustrate how to use Canadian structural materials in Post & Beam structure and differentiated in that point from ordinary structural guidebooks. We have printed 3,000 copies and we have uploaded the design guide onto our Wood-Solutions. org. ( The Maple Book holds readers’ attention from beginning to end, and after reading the book, readers will be fascinated with Canadian structural materials.