Investment in Canada Wood Missions Pay Off: Tour Participant Builds Third 2×4 Facility

By: Kevin Bews

SPF Manager, Canada Wood Japan

On October 29th, Canada Wood staff visited a new elderly care project going up in Takamatsu, a port city on Japan’s Shikoku Island. This facility will be owned and managed by the Yuyukai Social Welfare Corporation. It is the third 2×4 nursing home this organization has built since participating in COFI’s elderly care tour mission to Canada in 2010. It is a 2-storey fireproof platform frame building that features 2 unique domes built with trusses. The total building floor area is 2,128 m² and is being constructed with components using SPF dimension lumber (232 m³) and Canadian OSB (46 m³) by Mitsui Home Components. The project was designed by Yoshitaka Architects Engineers & Consultants and the general contractor is Hikari Inc.

The staff of this construction company attended our elderly care 2×4 seminar and construction site tour of the Kazami-Dori Elderly Care Project on October 27, 2011. Hikari began constructing 2×4 nursing homes 5 years ago and this is their third project. Prior to that the company mainly constructed elderly care facilities with steel or reinforced concrete. The company highlighted the project and our visit in a recent blog article on the company’s homepage in Japanese and if interested you can also take a drone virtual video tour with a 360-degree view on YouTube below. Drone virtual video tour with a 360-degree view on YouTube