Largest Wooden Residential Project Planned in South Korea

By: Tai Jeong

Country Director, Canada Wood Korea

Jangheung County, the first slow city in Asia, designated by Cittaslow, has signed an MOU in July with four construction-development companies for investing 72.5 Billion Won to build 300 units of wood-frame houses by 2025 under the brand name ‘LOHAS’ Town. Slow cities are characterized by way of life that supports people to live slow. Traditions and traditional ways of doing things are valued. The slow city stands up against the fast-paced lifestyle so often seen in other cities throughout the world. It has less traffic, less noise, fewer crowds.

The 300 units development, consists of 180 units of single detached houses and 120 units of townhouses, will be the largest wooden project in Korea. The first phase of 39 units will be completed by 2021.

MOU Signing event for the project | Jangheung county

Jangheung County has already invested more than 70 billion Won in infrastructures, a 100-bed hospital and amenity facilities such as a community centre and an equestrian centre to attract residents to the area.

Jangheung is located in Jeollanam Province due south of Seoul and near Namhae (South Sea) with mild temperatures and a beautiful environment.

‘LOHAS’ stands for ‘Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability’ and ‘Life, Opportunity, Health, Activity and Story.’