Midply Included in the Textbook for Structural Engineer’s Workshop

MIDPLY™ system, an open-source high-performance shear wall solution developed by FPinnovations has been recognized as code-compliant in Japan and adopted commercially by a handful of pioneering Japanese users thanks to technical work done by Canada Wood Japan. This has led to the inclusion of the Midply Shearwall system in the textbook used in the continuing education program for Japanese structural engineers.

It is required that all Japanese structural engineers pursue continuing education for the renewal of their license, which includes participation in a series of workshops every five years. The textbook will be put into use in those workshops starting from 2023, and we expect this milestone achievement will result in increased opportunities for wider commercial adoption of the system. In addition to disseminating information on this construction innovation to a key facilitator group, its inclusion also means that Canada Wood efforts are of recognized value for Japanese structural engineers.

MIDPLY™ offers dramatically higher seismic resistance than conventional sheer walls. Unlike the typical 2×4 frame wall, dimension lumber on MIDPLY is positioned flatwise as opposed to edgewise. The current Japanese building code assigns a shear wall multiplier of 3.0 to an OSB sheathed wall. MIDPLY can perform as high as 7.0. This makes it a suitable solution for large scale commercial and non-residential structures and higher wood buildings, a key sector that Canada Wood Japan has targeted for Canadian wood use.

To find out more about the MIDPLY wall system, please contact Canada Wood Japan for more information.