Publication of the 2021 China Industrialized Construction Development Report

By: Lance Tao

Export Development Program, Canada Wood Group

In October 2022, the 2021 China Industrialized Construction Development Report was published by the National Engineering Technology Research Center for Prefabrication Construction in Civil Engineering of Tongji University (the Center). This book will serve as reference material for Chinese government departments to formulate policies related to industrialized construction and will help enterprises and research institutions learn about the current state of industry development. Canada Wood China (CW China) was recognized as a contributing partner for the 2021 publication, with CW China providing additional reference information on the use of wood for prefabrication and industrialized construction.

The Center works under the supervision of the Ministry of Science and Technology of China and is the only national innovation and research base for civil engineering prefabricated components. Since 2016, the Center has published the Industrialized Construction Development Report annually, providing reference materials and data points for practitioners in terms of market environment, technological progress, industry development, and research on Industrialized Construction in China.

In the report released last year, CW China provided wood industry data, which sparked widespread interest and received positive feedback from readers, and in early 2022, we received an invitation from the Center to help prepare this year’s report, providing an introduction to wood structure enterprises, prefabricated wood structure industry development, demonstration project case studies, and related patent inventions (PEC Infill Wall System). Important trends for the development of the construction industry are discussed in the report, and wood-frame construction is recognized as an indispensable part of reaching prefabrication targets and reducing carbon emissions for the construction industry. With the goal of achieving carbon peak and carbon neutrality, the development potential of both light wood-frame constructions and mass timber structures in the Chinese market remains quite significant. The partnership with the Centre has helped CW China to promote these technical aspects of wood construction on a substantial platform. For the next steps, CW China will further collaborate with the Center to promote wood demonstration projects and conduct interviews with wood industry experts to continue growing the awareness of wood prefabrication in the Chinese construction market.