Western Hemlock used for interior paneling within Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Medical College auditorium

By: Zoish Bengali

Director, FII

As part of Forestry Innovation Investment (FII)’s strategy to expand applications for B.C. wood products throughout India, FII India recently partnered with a well-known consultancy firm, Vima-The Dimension, to facilitate the use of Canadian wood for interior panelling within the auditorium at Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Medical College.

Both aesthetics and acoustics were important considerations when choosing a material for the interior of the auditorium. Vima-The Dimension was keen to incorporate the use of wood due to its environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing properties. Also, when implemented properly, wood-panelled walls prove to positively influence acoustics and sound performance.  

Working with FII India, Vima-The Dimension decided to use B.C. western hemlock for this project given its high joinery grade, easy workability, and favourable staining and polishing properties. As the lumber being sourced is from B.C.’s certified, sustainably managed forests, it also helped Vima-The Dimension offer a solution in line with its preference for environmentally friendly, responsibly sourced materials.  

Located in the State of Madhya Pradesh, Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Medical College is a highly respected institution and one of the oldest premier, government medical colleges in India. The auditorium of the college serves as the location of many high-profile gatherings, including those attended by its esteemed alumni and dignitaries from the Health Ministry of the Government of India.