Wood Infill Wall System Creating Opportunity in Seoul

By: Tai Jeong

Country Director, Canada Wood Korea

Canada Wood Korea kicks off the technical supports on Sokcho Training Center and Apartment demonstration project. This demo project will showcase the hybrid solutions using wood infill wall and NLT (Nail-Laminated Timber) systems that have the greatest potential for future commercial replication. This infill wall system is used as non-load bearing exterior and partition walls in concrete and steel buildings and structures.

According to the 2018 building starts data of MLIT (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport), the successful commercialization of infill wall system will lead to the demand for dimension lumber volume of 660 mmfbm for the office building and low-rise residential building segments. In the longer term, additional 1,000 mmfbm demand could be generated for the high-rise residential building segment. The adoption of infill wall system is likely to witness steady growth in the coming years due to its highly energy-efficient property coupled with the rising trend of construction prefabrication.

The Sokcho demo building has a total area of 10,333 square metre floor space that covers four-story above the ground and two-story basement. Both exterior and partition walls are planning to be wood infill walls using S-P-F dimension lumber.

SOLTO Jibin Architects, appointed as a master architect of the project by Seoul Metropolitan city, will submit the final construction drawings in detail to the City Government by the end of July 2020. Canada Wood Korea office has its first kick-off meeting with the design team to help them understand the technical considerations on installation, thermal bridge, fire and soundproof issue.

Our technical support will be provided regularly until the final construction drawings are finished. The ground-breaking of this demonstration project is expected to start in October 2020.