2019 Korea Wood Design Awards Winner Announced

By: Tai Jeong

Country Director, Canada Wood Korea

Earlier in November, the 17th Korea Wood Design Awards announced the winners of its 2019 awards. The awards recognize the wood projects that have contributed to the innovative and creative design and built approaches. Raising the public awareness of wood’s remarkable attributes in diversity, flexibility and pleasant environmental credential is one of the key goals of this awards.

The Grand Prize under Built Contest Category was presented to the project of “The House of Three Trees” designed by JK-AR Architects. The building’s most notable feature is its exposed tree-shaped wood structure built entirely of timber without any metal connectors. The joinery design intended to follow the traditional methodology and showed the sheer strength of engineered wood as structural elements. The 4,006 pieces of irregular wooden components form the posed great challenge to design optimization and onsite building efficiency.

The winner of the Grand Prize in the Design Contest Category went to ‘Jipyeong Joomak’ designed by Jeongmin Kim and Yoonjin Lee. They are the students of Dankook University who participated in Canada Wood Korea’s intensive Super-E® training held in Aug. 2019.