2020 Busan Korea Build Trade Show

By: Tai Jeong

Country Director, Canada Wood Korea

Amid a slowdown in new COVID cases in recent weeks, South Korea has decided to lower the country’s social-distancing guidelines to the lowest level of the three-tier scale. As such, the thrice-postponed 2020 Busan Korea Build has now resumed. Under these eased guidelines, the first trade show was successfully hosted at BEXCO, Busan. Antivirus measures including temperature checks with a non-contact digital thermometer, the use of face masks, and keeping entry logs were implemented for the more than 22,000 attendees.

Busan Korea Build is one of Korea’s key building and housing product exhibitions. Canada Wood Korea (CWK) participated in the 2020 Busan Korea Build (previously known as Busan Kyunghyang Housing Fair, or BKHF) over the course of four days, to promote the use of Canadian wood products and wood frame construction and to distribute technical and promotional literature. Capturing consumer attention in the CWK booth was a particularly fine example of Mid Ply Shear Wall System, as well as wood samples.