Advanced HOT2000 Energy Simulation Workshop Marks a Milestone for Localization of Energy Efficiency Technology Training in Korea

By: Tai Jeong

Country Director, Canada Wood Korea

To help Korean builders and designers to develop skills needed for achieving net-zero in the construction sector, Canada Wood Korea introduced HOT2000 software in 2018, an energy simulation modelling software developed and maintained by Natural Resources Canada.

Starting this year, Canada Wood Korea has partnered with the Korea Institute of Building Construction (KIC) to deliver training, further broadening engagement  with Korea’s mainstream builders and general contractors by harnessing KIC’s network.  Via this collaboration, KIC is now one of the service organizations delivering the Korea Super E® Certification Program.

A graduate of CW Korea’s Super E® training, Mr. Joseph Park, Secretary of the Timber Construction Committee of the KIC and Director of CASE Architecture, (known for its high performance wood frame homes) now trains specialists in energy simulation and blower door testing and holds a position of lecturer at Dankook University, focusing on teaching wood construction design to architecture students.

Instruction was co-delivered by Jack Zhou, a Registered Energy Advisor, focused on the cost optimization of various energy efficiency measures, which represents the next level of energy performance simulation.