B.C. species help achieve biophilic designs within India’s resort sector

By: Zoish Bengali

Director, FII

Within India’s building and design community, there is a growing interest in biophilia–the increased connection to nature through the incorporation of natural materials, such as wood, into building projects. Forestry Innovation Investment (FII) India is leveraging this growing trend by targeting architects, interior designers, builders and developers to position B.C.’s sustainably sourced, certified wood species as the ideal products to achieve biophilic designs.

A new project that seeks to achieve biophilic benefits through the use of wood, including B.C. species, is a resort project by Studio Lotus–a local architecture and design firm known for sustainable projects that consider cultural, social and environmental impacts. Studio Lotus has also been known to incorporate B.C. species such as Douglas-fir, yellow cedar and western red cedar (WRC) within a range of residential and commercial projects.

Studio Lotus’ current resort project is a large, eco-conscious, multi-villa estate on approximately 100 acres of land in the Kumaon mountain range in Uttarakhand. The project is designed as a self-sufficient community in the hills, with guests experiencing the tranquility of living in harmony with nature. The project focuses on using natural, environmentally friendly materials, with emphasis also placed on preventing damage to the surrounding area.

FII India assisted Studio Lotus to incorporate Canadian wood species into the first phase of the project. Due to its natural colour and grains, Douglas-fir was used for panelling and ceilings, as well as doors and door frames, while WRC was used for cladding and shingles thanks to its ability to withstand different weather elements.

Both Douglas-fir and WRC are expected to be used throughout the rest of the villa project, as well as within a 30-room premium hotel–a recent addition to the project that is currently in the planning phase.

Through this expansive resort project, FII India was able to generate orders for B.C. species, and demonstrate how Canadian wood can be used to achieve biophilic designs within India’s growing resort segment.

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