B.C. wood proves to be the right fit for Vietnamese furniture manufacturer

By: Zoish Bengali

Director, FII

Since entering the market, FII and its partners have been pursuing opportunities for B.C. wood products within Vietnam’s furniture manufacturing sector. As furniture exports continue to grow, there has been an increasing demand from local manufacturers for sustainably sourced wood products that are available for large, consistent orders.

Recognizing this as an exciting opportunity for B.C. species, FII Vietnam recently worked with Khang My – a furniture manufacturer in Dong Nai Province with products exported to the United States and Europe. After learning more about wood species from B.C., Khang My was interested in trialling softwoods for use within furniture frame applications.

Based on the specific wood properties Khang My required, FII Vietnam provided small quantities of western hemlock and spruce-pine-fir for the furniture frame trials. The Vietnam team also worked with Khang My throughout the trialling process, providing training and technical assistance to help them understand how best to work with B.C. species.

Following the trial, Khang My placed initial orders for both western hemlock and S-P-F, indicating they were impressed with western hemlock’s impressive strength to weight ratio and resistance to warping, as well as S-P-F’s suitable sizes and excellent workability.

Moving forward, FII Vietnam will be continuing to work with Khang My, as well as pursuing opportunities to introduce and provide education and training on B.C. species to other furniture manufactures.

For more information on FII’s strategic approach, priorities and activities within the Vietnam market, please visit https://www.bcfii.ca/our-key-markets/vietnam/.