Binzhou Yangxin Ten Thousand Mu Pear Garden Tourism Center

By: Lance Tao

Communications Manager, Canada Wood Group

Canada Wood China (CW China) has produced a new video to promote the completion of the most recent wood demonstration project in China, the Binzhou Yangxin Ten Thousand Mu Pear Garden Tourism Center.


The Ten Thousand Mu Pear Garden Tourism Center, located in Yangxin county of Shandong province, is a flagship project for the Jinyang Ten Thousand Mu Pear Garden scenic area. This building was the result of an MOU that CW China signed with the People’s Government of Yangxin County, Shandong Province in August 2020. As one of the cooperation projects under the framework of the agreement, Yangxin Pear Tourist Center was built with Canadian lumber and engineered wood products to showcase the possibilities for green and low-carbon modern wood-frame construction. It will be open to the public as a Sino-Canadian demonstration project that highlights the potential applications of wood construction for rural revitalization programs in China.

Bird’s eye view of the building

The structures are one storey with a partial two storey area that was constructed with GLT and light wood frame interior and exterior walls with a total construction area of 3,780 m2. As the central building of the scenic area, the design incorporated the pear flower as the motif, using an abstract image of the pear flower petals to create pentagonal structures. Each unit was formed in a dynamic way to different scales and individual spaces, corresponding to the distinct functions of the tourist reception center, a thematic restaurant, and a cultural lecture hall.

Rendering of the project

Through modular design and lifting of the prefabricated roof sections, the project standardized the design, manufacture, and construction processes, while still maintaining a vivid appearance and unique indoor and outdoor layout for the space.

The standardized components

CW China supported this project from the design phase, to optimize the connections by using an integrated design approach that includes drawing coordination between structural, architectural, MEP, energy modeling and renewable energy sources, as well as creating proposals for the lumber prefabrication and construction. Developers received technical support from CW China and assistance through each phase of development.

The entire structure composed of five flower units.

This project is the first wood-frame project in the scenic area of the Pear Garden that will showcase to the Shandong provincial government, building industry professionals and the general public the possibilities for modern wood construction in rural areas. It is a demonstration project that aligns with national policies to construct buildings with environment-friendly, low-carbon and sustainable building methods, with prefabrication and standardized design becoming an increasingly important theme. CW China will continually explore the potential of architectural design, materials and engineering to assist the construction industry in China to achieve low-carbon design and construction using wood building materials.

Project Description:

Project Name: Ten Thousand Mu Pear Garden Tourism Center

Project Location: Yangxin, Shandong Province

Developer / Owner: Pu Su Pear Garden (Shandong) Cultural Tourism Development Co., Ltd.

Design Institute: Shanghai Green-A Architects & Decoration Design Co., Ltd.

General Contractor: Yangzhou Garden Co., Ltd.

Wood Structure Supplier: Shanghai Zhengshan Wood Structure Engineering Co., Ltd.

Building Size: Single storey with an area of 3,780 m2

Wood Used: 280 m3 of Douglas fir glulam, 150 m3 of SPF dimension lumber

Completion Date: December 2021

Sustainable / Green Certification: sequestered carbon 560 tons; avoided emissions 1,034 tons