Canada Wood Designer Partner Wins Top Architectural Institute of Japan Award

山田 憲明 Yamada Noriaki

Canada Wood Japan would like to extend our congratulations to Mr. Noriaki Yamada for winning a top design award conferred by The Architectural Institute of Japan. Canada Wood’s partnership with Yamada San started in 2016, and since then, we have jointly completed a couple of projects, including a recent mega truss installation featured in a previous blog story. We are currently working together to conduct connection and bending tests this year aimed at removing regulatory barriers to the use of wood in Japan.

Mr. Yamada’s awarded structure is located in Kamikatsu-cho, Tokushima Prefecture, surrounded by beautiful mountains. The building serves as a proof of concept and educational facility. With environmental considerations in mind, the architect’s design philosophy for this building sought to raise awareness of the recycling and reuse lifestyle. The interior decor of floor and wall panels utilize recovered wood provided by local villagers as a symbol of responsible reuse. Structural materials were sourced from locally sourced timbers left in their natural form and intentionally exposed. This design expression indicates the current Japanese mindset and the kind of buildings that resonate with society. Canada Wood again congratulates Yamada san on this prestigious award.