Canada Wood Launches Joint COFI & APA Hybrid Seminar

By: Scott Anderson

Canada Wood Japan / APA representative

On March 17 Canada Wood Japan conducted a joint hybrid (in-person and web) seminar in Tokyo. The seminar titled “How to Utilize Canadian OSB” & “The Importance of Anti-Termite and Preservative Treatment of Sill Plates” was held in a large 100-person hall, but with COVID protocols in place we limited in-person attendance to 30 people to allow for social distancing. We utilized a web seminar planning and management company to conduct this which helped the event to go smoothly. Approximately 100 people attended this seminar, with over 90% of these watching from throughout Japan on the Zoom platform.

The seminar started with a discussion about Canadian sustainable forest management, the advantages of Canada Tsuga (hemlock) sill plate products, and Canadian OSB and the extensive range of applications it can be used in. This was followed by a presentation by architect Mr. Matsumoto about the expanding market for wooden mid-rise construction and the use of OSB in this segment. The last part of the seminar consisted of a presentation by Mr. Tanaka of Teoria House Clinic about the importance of treating wooden building materials, a talk that was based on their company’s testing of various untreated wood species when exposed to termites. This last section was well received as it showed that some untreated species commonly used in Japan are quite susceptible to termite damage and helped to reinforce the need to use treated sill plates when constructing wooden buildings.