Canada Wood’s E-learning Platform Receives Positive Feedback

By: Lance Tao

Communications Manager, Canada Wood Group

The “Canada Wood Online Classroom” is a free training platform officially launched on November 20, 2020, by Canada Wood China (CW China). It combines lectures by expert speakers, professional technical knowledge and up-to-date training materials.

“Canada Wood Online Classroom” – Platform homepage

So far, 63 webinars (including 22 live broadcasts and 41 recorded videos)have been delivered on this new platform, which attracted 3756 registered users as of November 2021 from all over the country. The total number of training hours delivered through the platform has reached 1637 hours.

Canada Wood Online Classroom attracts visits from all over China.

The new platform allows us to manage information for students to better understand the profile of those users and what they are most interested in learning. The platform can present a variety of training formats, such as watching live webinars on popular topics such as energy efficiency, prefabrication, and mass timber; or watching recorded videos on energy efficiency, structural design, architectural design, and standards and codes. We can upload materials for users to read and download e-books and training manuals. Users can interact with CW China’s offline builder training to prep materials and even review and fill out small quizzes to test their knowledge.

Left: The online courses from CW China’s offline builder training, with daily references and quizzes for students to take.
Right: Electronic test certificate obtained by students after small quizzes.

Another highlight of this platform is the development of multimedia training materials. Some new training books have been released that feature QR codes inside, which the reader can scan to access videos that further explain the information in the book from content featured on this platform. Through this, the online platform can be integrated into the regular programs at vocational schools and various offline training events.

QR codes on the training materials.

The Canada Wood Online Classroom aims to provide an efficient and comprehensive online training platform for the wood construction industry, where people can learn about modern wood construction on their phones, and communicate with experts and professional speakers from home and abroad. The long-term goal is to make the “Online Classroom” a first-class learning platform, influence wood structure practitioners, inspire interests to design and build with wood in the future, and increase market capacity for wood construction in China.