Canadian OSB Used in Non-Residential Buildings: Onward and Upward!!

By: Scott Anderson

Canada Wood Japan / APA representative

In Japan, there has been a notable increase in the construction of non-residential wooden buildings in recent years. These include warehouses, barns, factories, and office buildings, among others. Canadian OSB has been used in many of these buildings, providing an economical and straightforward building solution while enhancing their structural integrity.

To showcase some of these projects and provide market knowledge to building professionals, APA – The Engineered Wood Association has published a new pamphlet called “Canadian OSB Used in Wooden Non-Residential Buildings.” The pamphlet features nine case studies, each detailing a different project. These include two offices, two warehouses, one factory, a four-story hospice, a nursery school, and two mixed commercial buildings. One of the mixed commercial buildings features a sushi restaurant and office, while the other contains a café, daycare, and esthetic salon. The last two projects highlighted the use of Canadian OSB to create high-strength shear walls with the Midply Wall System. Many of these projects also used SPF dimension lumber, as well as I-joists and Douglas Fir LVL for trusses.

With Japanese firms increasingly promoting their sustainable development credentials and positioning themselves as environmentally friendly, the demand for non-residential wooden buildings is forecasted to continue to grow. This new APA pamphlet offers an opportunity to promote and showcase how Canadian OSB products can provide structural and economical solutions for various types of non-residential projects.

For information or to request copies of the pamphlet, please contact the Canada Wood Japan office.