Wood In Manufacturing

Advancing the Use of Canadian Wood in Furniture and Interior Design

Positioning Canadian Wood a Preferred supplier in Wood In Manufacturing Sector

India, China, and Vietnam are three key markets with a strategic focus on wood in manufacturing. Canada Wood Group and Forestry Innovations Investment are focusing efforts on the high-potential end-use segments like indoor/outdoor furniture manufacturing, interior finishing products, and the door/door jamb industries.

Furniture made by Canadian Hemlock
Furniture products made of SPF and Hemlock by Product Trial partner


These three markets pose an interesting growth opportunity for Canadian wood products in the furniture manufacturing industry. Middle- and upper-class income cohorts are driving demand for safe, high-quality household goods that are also environmentally friendly. Natural wood is the preferred material for furniture in these markets, which opens potential opportunities for Canadian wood in flooring and interior design.

Product Trial

We have been focusing efforts on increasing interest in B.C. species within the furniture manufacturing sector through the ‘Try Canadian Wood’ program. By introducing small quantities of B.C. wood for product trials, manufacturers are able to become familiar with the favourable properties and workability of B.C. softwoods.

In this program, qualified manufacturers receive small volumes of Canadian softwood lumber to enable them to conduct product testing, contrasting the wood they currently use with comparable grades of Canadian softwood. Technical support is provided to participants to address questions that arise, such as drying, recovery, conversion costs, grade selection and subsequent introductions to Canadian suppliers.

Canada Wood China Exhibiting at CIFF Guangzhou 2021
New Branding for Canadian Hemlock in China


On March 19, 2021, Canada Wood China partnered with the China National Furniture Association (CNFA) for the official launch of the Canadian Hemlock branding campaign at the China International Furniture Fair (CIFF). The Hemlock branding campaign is designed to create a brand image for a Canadian species of wood to improve the effectiveness of marketing communications and grow consumer interest. Market research showed that Hemlock had the strongest potential as a desirable material for mid to high-quality furniture producers, along with the best specifications for softwood to be used in home furniture.