Cheongdam-dong Community Housing Demonstration Project commences wood infill wall installation

By: Tai Jeong

Country Director, Canada Wood Korea

As explained in our previous project blog story, the Cheongdam-dong Community Housing demonstration is a community space that supports creative arts and cultural activities for artists and content creators. It was initiated by the Seoul City Government and is supported by Canada Wood Korea. The building site is located at Cheongdam-dong, 1.2km away from the COEX exhibition center.

Wood infill wall façade and partitions on the entire five levels of concrete post and beam structure are now under construction. Our tech support focuses on onsite installation and wall insulation, both of which are critical to the durability and performance of the system. 

Ms.Hong, principal at Smusoop Architects, describes the superiority of the wood infill wall system, “The speed, fit, and finish of the infill wall panel cannot be matched by conventional concrete wall systems. Wood frame wall’s ability to be prefabricated on site has significantly shortened the overall construction time.”

She further added, “Wood infill wall is an easy solution in our case, as opposed to using concrete for the inclined wall application where formwork would be a difficult task to deal with, the use of wood infill wall panels can be easily fit, adjusted and insulated.”

The Cheongdam-dong Community Housing demonstration project is on target to be completed by March 2022.