COFI Japan Director Honored with MLIT Minister’s Award

By: Lance Tao

Communications Manager, Canada Wood Group

On October 7th, Shawn Lawlor, Managing Director of COFI Japan, received the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism (MLIT) Minister’s award. The Japan 2×4 Home Builders Association nominated him for this award in recognition of his extensive contributions to the development of the 2×4 housing and construction industry in Japan.

This award acknowledges COFI’s leadership in fostering partnerships and international cooperation between the Japanese and Canadian governments and industries to promote innovation and technical advancements in 2×4 fireproof non-residential and midrise construction. It is presented annually to 20 individuals who have made noteworthy contributions to Japan’s housing and construction sector. Notably, Shawn is the sole foreign national to receive this award. This achievement would not have been possible without the steadfast support of the dedicated COFI team and our industry and government funding partners.