FII China’s participation in the 20th China-Japan-Korea international conference on housing issues

By: Nancy Xie

Director, Government Relations, FII China

FII China traveled to Chengdu, September 22-23, to promote wood construction to thought leaders across multiple Asian countries

Over 300 experts, scholars, research institutions, and senior representatives from the housing sector of China, Japan, and Korea, along with additional countries such as Canada and Vietnam, gathered in Chengdu for discussions and exchanges for the 20th China-Japan-Korea international conference.

This conference is an international academic exchange that was initiated by the China Real Estate Association (CREA), the Japanese Academy of Housing for Life and Well-being, and the Residential Environment Institute of Korea. The event has been ongoing since its inception in 2000 and has received high praise and recognition from colleagues in the participating countries. It has become an important platform for professional learning, international cooperation, and exchanges in the fields of urban and housing sectors for these three countries. The annual conference rotates each year between China, Japan, and Korea, with the theme of the conference jointly agreed upon by the three hosting parties. Each year, the conference delves into the most relevant and topical issues in the fields of housing and urban-rural development.  As this year’s conference was held in China, the China Real Estate Association invited FII China to participate.

The Vice President and Secretary General of CREA, Chen Yiming pointed out in his opening speech that looking back on its 20-year history, he deeply appreciated the establishment of this international conference. Although the social systems, development conditions, and geographical environments of the participating countries may differ, they have all encountered common problems in their respective development processes. From having a place to live, to being able to live in a better home, to being able to sustain better environments for residents to live comfortably and happily, there are basic aspects of the human experience and development planning that are shared across nations.

Chen Yiming, Vice President and Secretary General of CREA

During the conference, thirteen speakers from China, Japan, and Korea shared their experiences and held discussions across four main themes: “Multiple Types of Construction Technologies and Living Environments for Prefabricated Housing,” “Enhancing Housing Functionality and Satisfaction,” “Resilient Community Building in the Post-Pandemic Perspective,” and a free topic session for young scholars. Notably, wood construction was highlighted in several keynote speeches, emphasizing its significance in the discussions.

On September 23, FII China was invited to organize a tour for conference participants to visit the Sichuan Tianfu Agricultural Expo Park project, a large-span wood structure project. The representatives were impressed with the scale and aesthetic design, and expressed their interest in the digital design process that was used for wood structures in the project. This opportunity to highlight the technical aspects of this project was a significant opportunity to promote wood construction to thought leaders across multiple Asian countries.

Visiting Sichuan Tianfu Agricultural Expo Park project