Get Ready for New Learning Experience: Canada Wood Korea Launched Its First Online Architect-Inspector Training

By: Tai Jeong

Country Director, Canada Wood Korea

In response to the ongoing COVID19, Canada Wood Korea launched its first online Architect-Inspector Training featuring a refreshed content focused on wood-frame construction design, construction and inspection. Courses are taught via ZOOM to over 31 professionals.

The lockdown and social distancing requirements have caused significant disruption to our training programs. However, it also paved the opportunities for us to shift to e-learning as South Korea boasts the highest internet penetration in terms of both smartphone ownership and internet usage. With the continuous deployment of the 5G network, this would further permanently reshape the teaching and learning experience in the new digital world.

The online training has some unique and significant benefits. It lets students move at their own pace and includes such features as continual assessments so they can jump ahead as soon as they have mastered a skill. This trend of e-learning might have a long-lasting impact on our future training programs.