IDS Korea Champions Timber Architecture with 90m High Wood Observation Tower.

By: Tai Jeong

Country Director, Canada Wood Korea

IDS is one of the leading architectural firms in Korea and considered as the champion and leader in the sustainable architecture of wood buildings, notably through the design for Korea’s tallest modern wood construction.

Its principal, Mr. Ki Cheol Bae, is a prominent architect who holds a couple of unmatched records with wood design in Korea. Mr. Bae’s wood construction skills began with Canada Wood Korea’s earlier training, then deepened with several mission visits to Canada.

In 2016, he designed Korea’s largest wood building, a 4-story research centre with a floor area of 4500m2. Last year, his firm was involved in creating Korea’s tallest wood demo building, a 19.12m high 5-story construction, applying the first 2-hour fire-rated CLT wall and floor system. This year, his winning design for the 90m tall Gwangmyeong City’s Wooden Observation Tower will once again demonstrate the possibility of wood structure in an unprecedented way.

Thanks to the efforts made by leading architects like Ki Cheol Bae who embraces the timber design, Korea is gradually ramping up its capacity to build more wood buildings and will see many years of growth ahead.

Largest wood building in Korea (Photo credit: IDS)

Tallest Wood Building in Korea (Photo credit: IDS)

Conceptual sketch of Tallest Wood Structure in Korea to be completed in 2021 (Image credit: IDS)