Increasing awareness and availability of B.C. forest products in Vietnam

By: Zoish Bengali

Director, FII

Forestry Innovation Investment (FII) continues to expand opportunities for B.C. forest products within Vietnam’s growing furniture sector. As part of this effort, FII Vietnam has been building relationships with local wholesalers to increase awareness of B.C. species and support local manufacturers looking to try Canadian wood as an alternative to traditional hardwoods.

While COVID-19 has greatly affected the opportunity to hold networking and trade show events across many markets, Vietnam’s effective response to the pandemic has allowed some industry events to resume. This has given FII Vietnam the opportunity to continue to showcase B.C. species at in-market events and forge relationships with local companies. At a recent event hosted by a local wholesaler partner, FII Vietnam showcased a range of B.C. lumber as well as finished furniture and joinery products made from sustainable Canadian lumberOver 200 local manufacturers and visitors attended the event and toured the warehouse where FII put together two showrooms. FII Vietnam’s Business Development team was onsite to speak with visitors and generate fresh leads and opportunities with new, prospective clients.

In addition to showcasing B.C. species and developing initial inroads with local partners, FII Vietnam also offers continued technical support for potential customers unfamiliar with B.C. lumber. In doing so, the team is able to highlight the favourable properties and features of B.C. species while removing barriers to uptake.

Through continuing to showcase B.C. species at local events, developing relationships with local wholesalers and manufacturers, and providing ongoing technical assistance, FII Vietnam continues to grow awareness and expand opportunities for B.C. forest products within the Vietnam market.