Diversifying Applications for B.C. Species in Vietnam

By: Zoish Bengali

Director, FII

Since entering the market, product trials have been a key component of Forestry Innovation Investment’s strategy in Vietnam. Through forming inroads with local manufacturers, the team has introduced B.C. softwood products not previously well-known in Vietnam, while demonstrating the benefits of using Canadian species in a range of applications.

In an effort to expand opportunities for B.C. forest products within Vietnam’s diverse manufacturing sector, the team in Vietnam recently concluded a trial with a major producer of cable reels used within the local electric wire and cable industry. Each year, this company produces thousands of metric tons of finished product for the domestic and international marketplace.

FII’s Business Development Team in Vietnam approached the company to see if they would be interested in trialling B.C. softwood products as an alternative to traditional species. Working closely with the company, the Vietnam team was able to understand their needs and recommend the appropriate size and grade of B.C. wood that would best fit this application.

The company was provided with a small volume of spruce-pine-fir (S-P-F) low- and mid-grades to conduct the trial.  The company was particularly pleased with the finishing properties, high strength to weight ratio of the product, the high recovery of finished components, and availability of wide widths. The possibility of securing a large volume and steady supply of S-P-F was also very attractive to this customer.

Following the trial, the team in Vietnam introduced the company to major S-P-F producers. Commercial contracts were then concluded, with firm orders confirmed for more than 400 cubic metres to support a larger-scale commercial trial.

Through diversifying product trials beyond furniture manufacturing, the team in Vietnam was able to identify another new application for B.C. species within the local market.TwitterLinkedIn