Innovative Wood Designs Featured at World Architecture Day

By: Zoish Bengali

Director, FII

In celebration of World Architecture Day in October 2021, Forestry Innovation Investment (FII) India worked with a well-known magazine, Architects & Interiors India, to conduct a webinar titled, ‘Wood Innovations’, which highlighted innovation in wood building and design across the country. The theme of the session was the future of architecture and design, with a focus on sustainable architecture–a rapidly emerging trend across India.

The event drew over 200 participants and included a special address from Annabelle Larouche, Counsellor (Commercial) and Senior Trade Commissioner, High Commission of Canada in India, as well as presentations from several high-profile architects and designers. Topics covered lessons learned from building with wood, opportunities for future innovation in wood design, the importance of building with sustainable, ethically sourced materials, as well as wood’s cost-saving benefits.

Nirmala Thomas, Director of Market Development, FII India and Peter Bradfield, Technical Advisor, FII India, conducted presentations showcasing FII’s recent demonstration projects, as well as third-party projects from across India that highlighted the use of Canadian wood in various applications.

The webinar also included panellists from across the country who shared their thoughts and experiences in wood building and design, reinforcing the idea of using wood for sustainable buildings. Another key aspect highlighted throughout the event was the importance of procuring materials through sustainable and ethical sources.

World Architecture Day was an opportunity for FII India and local industry professionals to showcase the many benefits of building with wood within India’s architecture and design community. FII India continues to support the industry through sharing knowledge around the many benefits of using Canadian wood products in India.

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