Korea Institute of Building Construction Supports Super-E® Program

By: Tai Jeong

Country Director, Canada Wood Korea

On November 18, 2020, the Korea Institute of Building Construction (KIC) and the Energy Efficient Exporters’ Alliance (EEEA) signed an MOU to establish KIC as the second service organization to deliver the Super E® Program. The organizations will collaborate on the Super E® Program’s training, technology transfer and quality assurance activities.

The Super E® Program, an export version R-2000 standard was developed for international markets by Natural Resources Canada and is administered by EEEA.

KIC is one of Korea’s largest non-profit organizations, with an extensive membership of more than 6,000 consisting of academics, researchers, and major construction companies. The organization promotes advancement and innovation in building construction and materials. The MOU, will be instrumental in promoting the Super E® Program and the use of wood in construction to their members.

The MOU was signed by KIC President Young-Do Lee and EEEA Executive Director Jeff Culp on behalf of their respective organizations. The signing ceremony was attended and celebrated by EEEA’s consultants, members of KIC’s Timber Construction Committee, and Canada Wood Korea’s Tai Jeong and staff.